Struggling To Manage A Sales Team?

We get it! Salespeople are expensive, hard to manage, and great salespeople are far and few in-between. As a CEO, your schedule is already packed running your business. You may not have enough time to be a full-time sales manager. We work with CEO's just like you who are struggling to generate revenue through their sales team, who don't have enough time to be a full-time sales manager, and who are ready to scale up.

Cashin Sales has a unique and strategic sales process knows as the Entrepreneurial Selling System (ESS) that will set your company apart from the competition and allow you to close more deals. Duane Cashin has years of experience in B2B sales and has helped many clients grow their revenue.

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Cashin Sales is a sales consulting company that works with companies to implement systems and processes that generate real tangible and sustainable sales results. We have the insight, customized training, and support that is required to predictably increase sales at higher margins. 

  • We go deep into your organization and create customized sales solutions that are proven to move the needle on sales performance.

  • We focus on the science and process of sales, not just the techniques. 

  • Train and develop high performing sales peps by determining their true Sales DNA. 

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Cashin Sales offers the Entrepreneurial Selling System that only takes 6 months to transform your sales organization. Every client engagement is custom-built focusing on innovative strategies that are built for your industry, sales cycle, and organization. 

Our work includes audits, gap analysis, a sales playbook, sales rep analysis and assessments, KPI's, coaching, and more. We collaborate with your team to produce significant results.

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Entrepreneurial Selling System (ESS)


Month 1

Sales & Sales Management Audit & Evaluation

Month 2

Formalized Sales & Sales Management Process Creation

Month 3

Recruiting Process Evaluation & Process Creation

Month 4

Formalized Process Completed & Implemented

Month 5 & 6

Process Implementation - Training & Coaching 

Sales & Sales Management Audit & Evaluation

In the first month, we will review and evaluate the structure, systems, style, staff, skills, strategy, and shared values of the organization and advise sales management on how to hire, evaluate, and coach salespeople; how to develop effective sales strategies; how to design and implement appropriate departmental structures and systems; how to teach selling skills; and how to develop effective sales management styles.


This deep dive into your organization will allow us to determine how overall sales performance can be improved and provide the steps necessary to do so. Our audits include:

  • Salesperson Selling Skills & Mindset Evaluation

  • Sales Management Leadership Competencies & Mindset Evaluation

  • Audit & Evaluate Existing Sales Process

  • Audit Existing Sales Management Process & Evaluate

  • Current Sales Plan & Marketing Plan Audit and Evaluation

  • Review all Results With the Leadership Team

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Formalized Sales & Sales Management Process Creation

The sales process is a potential customer’s journey from realizing they have a need for a product to making an actual purchase. Since it’s the prospect’s journey, it is also the salesperson’s roadmap. Companies that implement a structured sales process automatically increase revenue.


During the second month, we will go through the steps necessary to create a formalized sales process: from analyzing the system in place to building a playbook that clarifies roles and responsibilities.

  • Playbook creation.

  • Clarify & define sales & sales management roles​

  • Determine reps sales role assignment 

  • Begin sales & sales management training creation.

  • A monthly executive review meeting is held.

Enhancement of

Recruiting Process 

Without an effective recruiting process, you’re going to churn through rep after rep. You may already be doing so.


In the third month, we will evaluate your hiring goals, help you refine your job descriptions, and implement the use of candidate assessments to prequalify candidates and steer the interview process.


Never again will you be “duped” in an interview by a weak candidate with a good sales pitch. Not all organizations will need to hire a new rep, but it is important that you have a strong recruiting process in place if you need to onboard a new rep in the future. 

  • Recruiting process is evaluated, hiring goals are determined:

    • Job descriptions.

    • Process to post jobs.

    • Use of candidate assessments.

    • Interview process.

    • Selection criteria.

  • Process development continues.

  • Sales training begins for reps and management

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Formalized Process Completed & Implemented

It’s one thing to design and complete a written sales process. It’s another to successfully implement it.


Driving revenue requires you to do both.


In the fourth phase of the ESS, we will assist you in the implementation of your newly-designed sales process and guide you through the challenges that occur from this new process. 


  • Process retooling & documentation is finalized.

  • New formalized sales process implementation begins.

  • New formalized sales management process implementation begins.

  • Monthly executive review meeting is held.

Process Implementation

Training & Coaching

For the remainder of the engagement, Cashin Sales will implement the new sales process with your reps and sales managers. Throughout the next couple of months, there will be training sessions that fine-tune your sales reps activity from creating their ideal client profiles, to closing the deal. 

Meanwhile, sales management training and coaching will include how to keep the reps accountable, measuring & reporting sales activities, and how to continue to develop the sales process to grow with your company. 

Sales Training & Coaching 

  • 5 Key qualifying questions

  • Adjust your selling style to the buyer's buying style

  • Breakdown best practices from prospecting to close.

  • Uncover their compelling reason to buy.

  • Objection Handeling 

  • Cross Selling & UpSelling

  • Pipeline Management

  • Tap into unsold business

Sales Management

Training & Coaching 

  • New hire recruiting & onboarding

  • Establishing expectations

  • Implement a milestone sales process

  • Accountability Training

  • Weekly performance review and coaching agenda.

  • Effectively train & coach reps.

  • Measure & report on key selling activities and results.

  • Continue to support, motivate, and coach.

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