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We Create Unstoppable Sales Teams.

Turn your reps into skilled sales professionals with our first-class sales training for lawn care, landscape, and pest control companies.

Cashin Sales is a sales development consultancy that supports the lawn care, landscaping, & pest control industries.
Our clients realize the following 6 results:
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Increased one call closing ratio on inbound calls


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More qualified opportunities and higher close rates

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Reduced cancellations

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Escelation of cross-sell and up-sell revenue

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Rise in technician generated sales

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Effectively identifying and onboarding sales talent

Sales training that wins more customers.

Implement our repeatable sales processes to increase your reps one-call close ratio and drive revenue. Work with us to build your team’s confidence and professionalism to nail their sales calls every time and get real results.

Gil Grattan

 Chief Executive Officer,

Virginia Green Lawn Care

Ashley Morrison

City Wide Exterminating

David Hanny
Chief Operating Officer,

Virginia Green Lawn Care

The key to moving the needle in your lawn care or pest control business is following a systematized, repeatable sales process.

Whether your goal is to grow and scale, or if you’re planning to sell your company in a few years, it's critical that your lawn care or pest control business has a documented sales process. 

With a proven sales process in place, your reps will become experts at uncovering your customers’ vision of what they truly want and need concerning their lawns and the health and safety of their homes.

How We Can Help You:


We’ll work with you to make sure you’ve got the right people in the right roles, train your reps to build sales skills, and give your company a distinct competitive advantage. By implementing proven processes known to maximize ROI in lawn care and pest control industries, your company will be positioned to achieve record-breaking sales.

Photo of Duane Cashin at Virginia Green Tech training


Unlock the power of the Cashin Sales' one-call-close strategy with our online sales training course. This course is the perfect solution for lawn care and pest control new hires and teams of any size.  

Listening at the Meeting

Cashin Sales is trusted by lawn care and pest control industry leaders:

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One-Call Close Mastery for Lawn Care & Pest Control: Motivating  Your Sales Team While Holding Them Accountable for Results 


Every call that comes into your lawn care or pest control business costs you $150 - $400 dollars. Are your reps closing as many calls as you need to justify that spend?  


If you want to build a highly-motivated sales team that gets the results you want, download this exclusive excerpt from our new book, One-Call Close Mastery.

Kindle on the grass_ebook-cover (1).png


“First you start to see the closing rate go up because sales reps are asking better questions - they’re getting to what the buyer really needs. We’ve seen a dramatic reduction in cancellation rate…that adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You save more customers, you close more customers, and they buy more. Our average client is now spending 15.6% more than they used to. And that’s what you get when you hire a professional like Duane.”

Brad Leahy

Vice President, Blades of Green Lawn Care

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Increased closing rates

grass-bug (1).png

Reduced cancellation rates

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Increased add-on sales

If you’ve been holding back on investing in your sales team…

You need a sales process.

Stop spending your time and money finding new reps when you can build the team you have right now. Let’s talk about how we can work with your reps to get the results you need to keep your customers happy and your business growing.

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