• Duane Cashin

5 Steps to Shortening Your Sales Cycle

There are some important topics in life and business that are brought up so frequently that over time our motivation to continue the conversation and take action fades and often disappears.

I think this is true with the discussion around shortening the sales cycle.

The topic certainly gets a lot of attention but typically not a whole lot is done about it. This is a great opportunity for you and your team to gain a competitive advantage.

The topic of shortening the sales cycle is a meaningful one because the skill it requires and the steps you will take are foundational to sales success in general.

In other words, you could argue that if a sales organization is not taking the specific actions required to shorten their sales cycle it’s possible that they lack the skills and process needed to consistently and predictably hit their number regardless of their sales cycle length.

At the heart of achieving a shorter sales cycle is your ability to stimulate a sense of urgency within the buyer's mind. This is pretty obvious.

But what might not be so obvious is how to actually go about motivating a buyer to make a decision sooner than later.

I say that because the most common approach still used by many salespeople today is to enthusiastically present the product’s features and hope that the prospect finds this information exciting enough to move forward, now.

This approach worked very well for hundreds of years. But right around 1990, with the arrival of the internet, the “pitch” started to lose its effect. And today effective selling requires a more strategic approach.

​Here are 5 key objectives and skills which will support you in your quest to shorten your sales cycle:

  1. Increase the number of deals where you are able to get the decision maker involved

  2. Keep your pipeline full and disqualify or qualify each opportunity early in the process

  3. Become a student of business drivers and consequences

  4. Discuss the money

  5. Establish a collaborative relationship

The good news is if you enjoy business and if you enjoy the game of sales and if you are motivated to study and prospect, shortening your sales cycle by becoming expert in the 5 areas above is 100% achievable.

When you master these skills you are guaranteed to stand head and shoulders above your competition.

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