• Duane Cashin

Do Your Reps Have Strong Desire and Strong Commitment?

The intensity of a Salesperson’s desire is based on how badly they want to succeed.

A Salesperson’s commitment is based on their willingness to do whatever it takes, ethically and professionally, to achieve their goals.

In your quest to elevate the performance of your sales organization it’s important for you to understand, for each Salesperson and Sales Manager, their level of desire and commitment.

I’ve seen many Salespeople over the years that have had a strong desire to be a success. Many wanted to buy a new house or purchase a new car. Some desired the recognition and respect that comes along with being a top producer. And, ironically, many of them did not bring their desires to life.

Virtually 100% of the time the reason they did not achieve their objectives was the fact that their commitment was not strong enough to carry them over the obstacles selling inevitably put’s in our path.

Many Salespeople have a level of commitment that is “conditional”. In other words, as long as things are going their way they are committed. It means as long as you are giving them qualified leads and aren’t asking them to prospect for net-new accounts their good. Or, as long as you don’t ask them to put too much information into CRM they will follow the process. Or, as long as you don’t expect them to work more than 40 hours per week their onboard.

In a recent Objective Management Group evaluation of over one thousand Sales Representatives, it was observed that only 60% of Salespeople and only 68% of Sales Managers have both high desire and high commitment.

It is virtually guaranteed that you will not be successful in taking your Sales Organization up to the next level of sales performance if they lack the level of desire and commitment to do what it takes to outthink, outwork and outsell your competition in the face of adversity.

It is common to hear Salespeople and Sales Managers complain that their market is “hyper -competitive”. Think about that for a moment. If 60% of Salespeople are “half – in”, is it really that competitive out there?

Will a Salesperson who is only conditionally committed go the extra mile to study the issues found in the various vertical markets they sell into? Will they continue to tweak their opening statement until it resonates and captures the attention of decision-makers? Will they pick up the phone?

It’s very interesting to note that with the majority of Sales Organizations it’s rare to see a team with over 60% of their Salespeople at or over quota.

It appears the findings in the OMG evaluation have provided us with a valuable clue on where to focus our efforts when striving to achieve Peak Sales Performance.

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