• Duane Cashin

If You’re Not Moving Forward – You Begin to Move Backward

We often become numb to statements we hear over and over. I think that might be the case with this one: “If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backwards.”

We’ve heard that so many times over the years that chances are we dismiss it as having no value at all. The fact of the matter is, the statement is true. “If you’re not moving forward, you are moving backward.”

Achieving Peak Sales Performance is all about personal and professional growth, it’s about expansion, which by the way, are both integral elements of nature and business. Growth is all around us.

A tree will grow just as tall as it can. A field of wildflowers will continue to spread and expand for as far as the eye can see.

In business, expenses continue to rise and, if we’re paying attention and doing the work, we continue to get more and more customers through referrals and a variety of other prospecting efforts.

Pushing yourself to reach your next level of performance is a natural activity and one that brings along with it all sorts of wonderful benefits. Benefits such as increased income, elevated self-esteem, personal pride, confidence, and security. We all want those, and they’re worth the effort.

When you’re setting your goals and envisioning your next steps there are 3 key actions you must take:

  1. Understand that achieving your next level of performance, which is the definition of Peak Performance, by the way, takes time. And because of that reality, it’s critical that you break your big goal down into the phases and steps that are necessary for its attainment. Chunk it down into bite-sized pieces!

  2. Schedule time daily, weekly, and monthly to execute the small steps.

  3. Maintain the discipline to do the work and never stop until your goal is reached.

This is the approach that massively successful people take to elevate their performance to the next level and reach their new level of Peak Performance.

The problem comes in when we put our day-to-day focus on the end result as opposed to the day-by-day bite-sized actions that will ultimately lead us to the accomplishment of a sizable goal.

For example, if you set a goal to double your sales by the end of the year there’s a good chance that vision will cause you to feel overwhelmed. You might feel unsure of where to start and it could lead to inaction.

I learned a great lesson from one of my friends regarding the topic of Peak Performance.

She had a baby while she was in college and remained a single mom for many years.

She had a dream of becoming a Doctor but because of her responsibilities ended up taking a full-time job as a secretary.

As the years past the thought of becoming a Doctor remained in her thoughts. But, because of her situation, she felt she would never be able to find the money or time to become a Physician and tried to put the idea out of her mind.

One day she was telling her Mom how disappointed she was that her life didn’t end up differently. Her Mom said: “One day you’re going to be fifty. And the question you need to answer for yourself is, are you going to be a Doctor at 50? Or will you remain a secretary?” Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being a secretary, it’s just not what she dreamed of doing.

Her Mom went on to explain that if she wanted to be a Doctor bad enough she’d find the money and she’d find the time. And she’d break this accomplishment down into bite-sized actions that she could accomplish daily and weekly and she’d push herself. She’d push herself to reach a new level of personal performance. And the day would come where she would be a Doctor.

Her Mother’s words and the image she created were so timely and powerful that she took her Mom’s advice. And in fact, today she’s a very successful Doctor and businesswoman. She’s written a book telling her story. If you’re interested in reading it shoot me an email and I’ll let you know how you can get a copy.

So to wrap this up; as you’re setting your goals to achieve Peak Sales Performance keep this in mind:

  • Peak Sales Performance is accomplished through small incremental improvements.

  • We all reach Peak Performance, with no exceptions, by executing small achievable actions every day.

  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Compete only with yourself. Remember, Peak Performance is personal to you. And it’s an upward moving target.

The good news is, to achieve Peak Sales Performance you only have to be a little better this week than you were last week.

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