• Duane Cashin

Recruiting Strong Sales People & Sales Managers

I have been in the business of selling products and services, building award-winning sales teams, and consulting for 34 years.

And in that time I have come to realize that the number one challenge that has the most devastating impact, when it comes to growing sales revenues, is the difficulty in identifying strong salespeople and strong sales managers.

The money that is literally thrown out the window in an attempt to onboard the right reps and sales managers is astronomical.

The problem is that in the traditional interview process you can’t unveil how the candidate will respond and perform when the going gets tough.

And, in the great game of selling and sales management, there will be many times the going gets very tough.

Candidates have read all the books on interviewing and often their best sales performance is in your interview.

They are prepared for your situational questions such as: “Tell me about a time in your life when the odds were stacked against you, your back was against the wall and how you reacted to ensure you would emerge a success.”

Not only are they prepared for these questions, but they are also excited to tell their dramatic story and wow you, their audience.

There are 3 very important issues that need to be uncovered before you can effectively hire a salesperson or sales manager:

These factors that focus on their mental DNA will either support or sabotage their ability to sell.

And unfortunately, you cannot uncover where they stand on these important issues in the traditional interview process.

At Cashin Sales, with the help of the Objective Management Group, we have developed a recruiting and interview process that is 93% accurate.

The process leverages a candidate assessment and interview process that is guaranteed to significantly elevate your success rate in identifying, onboarding, and training new hires.

If this is something you would like to learn more about please give us a call.

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