• Duane Cashin

The Importance of Sales Commitment and Sales Desire

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

When my wife and I were first married, we had a desire to buy a house. We wanted out of apartment living and craved the stability and sense of “home” that a house offers.

Not only was our desire strong but so was our commitment. We saved every dollar we could, researched neighborhoods, kept our credit right, and enlisted the help of professionals -- a loan broker and a real estate agent. We did everything we could to ensure we’d own a house someday.

You could say we were both driven and committed to succeeding in this cause.

And, succeed we did. Our first house in Connecticut still holds incredibly fond memories for me.

It was a tiny house, 990 square feet, but it was the place where we began our future, and having found a way to buy it even at a time when we were young and tight on money is very special to me. 

When you combine desire and commitment, in life and in sales, anything is possible. When one element is missing, failure is imminent. 

Sales success researcher and visionary Dave Kurlan, founder of Objective Management Group, says this about commitment:  

When we see salespeople who are struggling, failing to achieve, and not adapting and changing, they often lack the commitment necessary for sales success. There are other reasons too, but commitment is usually right there.

Many salespeople want to be successful, win awards, get paid big commissions, garner recognition, and be the best, but they aren’t committed to the process of getting there. They won't do the things that are uncomfortable or difficult like prospecting, having tough conversations about money and budget, challenging prospects, or pushing back at appropriate times, qualifying, and asking good questions.

As a result, they fail. Again, desire without commitment leads nowhere.

With all of the new rules for business -- changes to the way businesses buy, the resistance to spending money, the next economic challenge never far away, and the competitive landscape being more difficult than ever -- a salesperson without strong commitment will simply lack the resiliency and focus to overcome rejection.

Just imagine if my wife and I wanted that house but never made sacrificial choices with money so we could save for it, or were careless with credit, or didn’t maintain stable employment. Would we have experienced home ownership when we did? Certainly not.

When we evaluate candidates using proven assessments, we test for both desire (the burning desire to succeed in sales) and commitment (the willingness to do whatever it takes, providing it’s ethical, to succeed in sales).

Interestingly, we sometimes find that candidates score very high in one area but not the other.

That’s when we know there’s trouble ahead. Salespeople need both.

When a salesperson has strong desire but lacks commitment we have the carrot but no stick, reason but no resolve, a dreamer who will become easily discouraged. 

While selling skills and supporting strengths are an important part of the success equation, nothing is more important than desire and commitment, and it’s imperative that you identify candidates up front who possess both traits.

Are you confident your team possesses the desire and commitment to be successful no matter the challenges that may come?

If you would like some information on our assessments and evaluations, please let us know.

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