• Duane Cashin

Why More Salespeople Struggle Than Ever Before

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Every day, our inboxes overflow with invitations to read or view free blog posts, podcasts, and videos, all dedicated to improving sales practices and processes.  We have access to world-class training and insight right at our fingertips, from the comfort of wherever we have a screen. The very best advice is spread widely and easily. Sales capabilities must be increasing in great numbers. Actually, the opposite is happening. Sales capabilities, on the whole, are worse than ever before. Objective Management Group (OMG) has evaluated and assessed nearly 2 million salespeople over the past 15 years. For years, the data showed that, in all sales organizations, there was an elite group of salespeople that made up 6% of the team another 20% that were fairly strong, and a whopping 74% who were just plain terrible.   Things have changed for the worse. Today, the percentage of weak salespeople has climbed to an unbelievable 77% (7% elite, 16% strong).  How can this be so when we know so much about best sales practices and can so easily access that information? The reasons are varied but boil down to these 8 causes:

  • Sales managers lack the skills necessary to coach their team up to the next level of performance.

  • Companies fail to bring in expert help from the outside.

  • A lot of the training doesn't focus on the cause - only the symptoms.

  • Salespeople aren’t practicing or are practicing the wrong way.

  • Salespeople cannot sell value or sell consultatively -- the 2 most difficult competencies out of the 21 Sales Core Competencies. (The consultative approach is a prerequisite for value selling because it allows your reps to differentiate themselves in the field.  Without differentiation strongly grounded in value, buyers will ultimately make their decisions based on price, a recipe for disaster.)

  • Training is ineffective and/or isn't reinforced (lack of accountability).

  • The organization lacks a customized, formal, structured, milestone-centric sales process.  

  • Salespeople lack the proper Sales DNA to be successful.

Faced with these obstacles, salespeople cannot be effective -- even if their skills are good.

Is your sales organization struggling despite repeated attempts by you to follow the best advice and attend the best trainings?  ​ If so, please reach out. Quite likely, you’re overlooking some major obstacles that are at the root of your issues.

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