Sales Solutions

What’s holding you back?


Most salespeople can and should be selling more. Why aren’t they?
Unleashing sales potential is what Cashin Sales is all about. Whether for an individual or for a company as a whole, we’re the difference between knowing significant growth is possible and actually achieving it. We’re in the business of breakthroughs and real results.​

We’ll help you:

  • Build a team of top performers.  Using the best methodology, we’ll help you identify the right people for each job and then work one-on-one with them and in small groups to guide their actions, develop their skills, keep them on track, and achieve top performance.

  • Boost motivation and stay the course.  Cashin coaches will meet regularly with your team to continually revise action plans, build winning strategies, and stay on task and on point. Your sales team won’t just meet its goals; it will surpass them. 

  • Hone your sales skills.  Cashin Sales coaches will continually reinforce concepts learned in training and provide guidance along the way. We want training to “stick” and seller behavior to change.


What’s your focus?


Whether you have just one salesperson or several, your organization will greatly benefit when someone is responsible for executing and monitoring the sales management systems and sales process. That’s because the sales management position in any company is the one that ultimately moves the needle on sales revenue.

Consider these statistics gathered from the analysis of over 11,000 sales organizations:

  •  36% said getting business closed is an issue.

  • 47% said they need to do a better job in selling value.

  • 57% said they need to do a better job in differentiating themselves from the competition.

  • 69% of presidents & CEOs say one of their biggest issues is hunting for new business.

  • 41% said their salespeople are encountering more resistance than before the recession and they are not prepared to deal with it.

It is the sales manager’s responsibility to train, coach, and support his or her salespeople in order to build the necessary skills and maintain the motivation necessary to improve and be a success in all 5 of the above areas.
In addition to training and coaching, it is also critical that the sales manager holds the team accountable for the prospecting activities and results that are proven to move the needle on sales.
If you are frustrated with your team’s sales results, let’s take a look at your approach to sales management and evaluate your systems and process.
We have over 34 years of experience in building award-winning sales teams, and the likelihood that we can help you identify the adjustments that are needed and effectively implement the necessary changes is excellent.
We would welcome the opportunity to help.