Cashin Sales Solutions


Common Struggles
  • Underperformance due to salespeople, internal conflict, and turnover as salespeople are placed in roles that do not leverage their strengths.

  • Rapidly shifting markets and business dynamics make it difficult to know which salespeople are able to elevate their performance and rise to the new conditions and demand.

  • Top sales producers promoted to sales manager are now struggling, as the skill sets required for both roles are very different.

Our Solutions
  • Identifying each team member’s highest and best use and helping to define each role so that a complimentary fit can be established.

  • Implementing evaluation and assessment tools that assess desire, commitment, ramp up time, and coachability.

  • Evaluating and identifying top performing sales managers as well as salespeople.


Common Struggles
  • Inconsistent performance and the inability to identify root causes of poor performance make it difficult to know where to focus training and coaching.

  • Impatience and “short cutting” on the part of salespeople prohibit a culture of accountability.

  • Inability to accurately forecast revenue due to lack of a pipeline process that accurately assesses each rep’s commitment to prospecting, understanding of the sales process, and the specific areas in which they need more training and support.

Our Solutions
  • Creating the 5 key sales systems, custom tailored to your company, industry and sales process, that are proven to move the needle on sales.

  • Creating a culture of accountability that also allows you to “stretch” goals for each rep and create a one on one performance review process that provides you with the visibility you need to keep your team on track.

  • Establishing a custom tailored pipeline process that allows you to capture and report data and then give you visibility into the key sales milestones and each rep’s performance and forecast.


Common Struggles
  • Failed training programs that don’t deliver the desired business results.

  • Only 20% of sales representatives are establishing equal business stature with their prospects and discussing the business issues they are able to solve and the business opportunities that the prospect wants to achieve.

  • Spending money training salespeople that consistently struggle.

Our Solutions
  • Implementing an effective blend of on-site and live remote learning sessions over time that meet adult learning needs. This approach enables the reps to discuss their experiences and outcomes, make the necessary adjustments, and go back at it.

  • Teaching salespeople and sales managers to think and act like “business people” versus salespeople, a shift that ensures that a rep can hold an intelligent business conversation with a prospect and establish the level of credibility and trust that is necessary to do business with today’s informed and savvy buyers.

  • Implementing assessment and evaluation tools that have been specifically designed to uncover a salesperson’s strengths and weaknesses as well as overall Sales DNA.



Common Struggles
  • Not hitting sales quotas.

  • Sales managers lack the training, understanding, and ability to coach each of their salespeople up to the next level of performance.

  • Lack of accountability results in undisciplined salespeople, poor performance, and wildly inaccurate forecasts.

Our Solutions
  • Establishing the sales management systems and processes while training and coaching your sales management to excel. Most often, a team’s consistently poor sales performance is a result of weak or non-existent sales management.

  • Introducing our 7 step sales management process that when embraced and implemented is guaranteed to improve your sales management’s performance in all key areas.

  • Establishing clear sales objectives, an understanding of the prospecting activity that is necessary for them to hit their sales targets, and a method to track performance and create management reports out of a CRM software program. We also provide an agenda and training on how to hold effective one on one performance review sessions that focus on coaching each rep up to the next level of sales performance while maintaining a positive and inspirational tone.


Common Struggles
  • Overstretched owners, presidents, or CEOs running the sales department due to difficulty finding experienced sales leaders.

  • Inability to hire a full-time sales manager but in need of such expertise.

  • Underperformance due to lack of sales management systems and processes.

Our Solutions

A fractional sales management resource that:

  • Evaluates each salesperson to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Reviews and assesses the roles each person is in -- “account manager” vs. “hunter” -- to determine if the right people are in the right roles.

  • Repositions, if needed, some of the salespeople so they are in a role in which they can succeed.

  • Creates a sales plan for each salesperson that directs them toward achieving specific prospecting objectives and making monthly and quarterly progress.

  • Ensures there is a CRM in place and requires full adoption. Sales management and pipeline tracking and reporting contained within that CRM.

  • Creates and implements a one-on-one performance review meeting agenda.

  • Provides consultative sales training as required.



Common Struggles
  • Inability to attract top sales talent.

  • Inability to recognize, in the traditional interview process, if the candidate is for real or delivering the best sales “pitch” of their life.

  • Ineffective recruiting efforts/looking for talent in the wrong places.

Our Solutions
  • Developing the support and accountability systems and processes that establish your organization as one with a sales culture that values sales professionals and the work they do and propels your company to high-growth. Top salespeople want to work for industry leaders or high-growth companies that are poised to dominate their market.

  • Implementing a highly “predictive” set of sales assessments that will give you the necessary insight into each candidate’s selling skills and mental sales DNA. This information will enable you to understand their ability and desire to perform at the level that you demand and guide you in making right hiring decisions.

  • Create a recruiting process that, when executed weekly, will enable you to find and attract candidates who will perform to your expectations.