Duane Cashin 

Keynote Speaker


Founder, Duane Cashin, offers a very unique package as a professional speaker.


He started his career as a 100% commission rep selling business phone systems, moved to Fortune 500 companies as director of sales, and has been responsible for building sales teams in 2 startups and has founded 2 highly successful companies of his own. Cashin knows how to sell, build, and lead sales organizations.


As a speaker, Duane has consistently exceeded expectations of associations and companies in multiple industries across the US. His evaluations average 4.6 out of a possible 5.


Duane takes whatever time is required upfront to interview attendees, and often their customers, to be clear on the audience, the challenges they face and how you want them to think, feel and the actions you want them to take following the presentation or workshop.


Here’s the icing on the cake: One of Cashin’s hobbies is stand-up comedy, and he has performed in clubs in NYC. His warm and clean sense of humor, combined with his outstanding record of business success and experience, enable him to create a powerful connection with his audiences.  As a result, they remain engaged throughout his presentation, enjoy the experience, and always take away several ideas that they will implement when they are back in the field.

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