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Virginia Green Tech Training with Duane Cashin

Lawn Care and Pest Control Sales Consulting 

For growth-oriented companies ready to build a team of

skilled sales reps who know how to nail the one-call close. 

Lawn Care & Pest Control 6-Month Consultative Sales Training

Through our 6-month training program, we’ll create a system to professionalize your sales process. 

We’ll work with you to

  • Implement a sales strategy that drives revenue

  • Get the right people in the right roles

  • Develop sales skills through 1:1 coaching and role-playing

  • Build a strong sales team and sales culture

  • Train your techs to identify opportunities on site

  • Create a distinct competitive advantage 

By implementing proven processes known to move the needle in lawn care and pest control, your company will be positioned to achieve record-breaking sales.  

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Grass with dew drops
Our lawn care and pest control consultative sales training process is simple and effective: 
Step 1: 

We’ll evaluate your current one-call close process and sales management accountability and support process to identify the gaps. 

Step 2: 

We’ll create a customized sales management
process where sales reps are supported and held accountable at the same time.

Step 3: 

We’ll help you implement your customized process to take the guesswork out of getting your team’s buy-in.



Step 4: 

We’ll help you optimize our work by providing ongoing training and coaching to ensure learning and change occur.


Sales Process

After working with us, you’ll have a proven strategy that builds a strong sales culture within your organization. Your sales reps will have the tools they need to convert inbound calls to closed sales, and you’ll have the revenue you need to grow your company. 

When you work with us, you’ll be able to…

grass-bug (1).png

Increase your one-call close ratio 


grass-bug (1).png

Sell premium packages

grass-bug (1).png

Reduce cancels 


grass-bug (1).png

Sell more add-ons

grass-bug (1).png

Close more unsold estimates


grass-bug (1).png

Increase cancel win-backs

Photo of Duane Cashin and Avista Pest Control
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Photo of Brad Leahy Vice President of Blades of Green

“By implementing the call scripts and process you have helped us create we have increased our average closing ratio by 6% which has generated an additional 600K in annual business. The training and process development has helped to increase the confidence level of our salespeople to a significant degree.”         


Brad Leahy

Vice President, Blades of Green Lawn Care

Photo of David Hanny COO of Virginia Green Lawn Care

“I strongly recommend Duane Cashin, his expertise and professional approach. He developed credibility with our entire organization and provided many tools such as performance assessments, sales scripts, sales playbook and performance scorecards all of which have proven to be highly effective in motivating our team as well as holding them accountable for results.”


David Hanny

Chief Operating Officer, Virginia Green Lawn Care

How Our Sales Training Works: 

I’ll work with you and your team one-on-one, role-playing how to ask the right questions to understand customer needs, handle objections and close the sale.


Through our intensive coaching and department-wide training, we’ll help you create and implement:

  • Structure

  • Process

  • Strategy

We’ll ensure our methodology is fully implemented throughout your organization by earning your team’s trust, building excitement, and motivating them to buy into the professionalized sales process, unlike anything you’ve tried before. 

Let's build your team into confident sales professionals that give you a distinct competitive advantage in your region. 

Wet grass

“Your careful study and understanding of our industry shows a level of professionalism that you do not get from other ‘cookie-cutter’ type sales programs I have experienced in the past. You truly took into consideration our specific concerns, needs, and most of all our goals in development of a customized program that met our needs… we will surely maintain…grow…and gain….more sales through your help and guidance.”

Dannis Warf, ACE
Commercial Sales Director, Royal Pest Solutions

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Increase revenue with our proven strategies.

Your team can’t win by winging it. Yes, it’s their job to sell, but it’s your job as the business leader to equip them with the training and support they need to succeed. 

If you’re ready to help your team become skilled sales professionals who keep your customers happy and your business growing, let us help you get there. 

Free Sales & Sales Management Audit

Every call that comes into your lawn care or pest control business costs you $300 or more. Are your reps closing as many calls as you need to justify that spend?


If you want to find out what your reps are missing and how to fix it, download our free Sales & Sales Management Audit.

Photo of Cashin Sales Audit sheets
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