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Duane Cashin

President & CEO of Cashin Sales
Lawn Care & Pest Control Sales Experts

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I'm Duane Cashin, and I live sales.


If you're looking for the right keynote speaker to get your lawn care and pest control salespeople revved up, I'd love to share my expertise and supercharge your team at your next trade association event, corporate conference or sales kickoff meeting.

I'll share how I help lawn care and pest control companies master sales & sales management process with the goal in mind of transforming their sales organization into a sustainable competitive advantage.

My decades of experience span from building sales organizations at Fortune 500 companies to starting and operating small businesses. 

For the past six years, I've served lawn care and pest control companies exclusively. By analyzing over 2,000 sales calls and working with reps and sales managers one-on-one, I've created a proven process that's currently being used by lawn care and pest control sales professionals that consistently generate a six-figure income.


And I've used my knowledge and expertise to help my clients and executive leadership increase profitable revenue, retention and market share.

Through implementing proven sales & sales management processes, I support my clients to ensure they stop winging it and transform their reps into skilled sales professionals.

And if you invite me to speak at your next event, I'll show your audience how they can do it too. 

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Speaking Topics

Executing the One-Call Close: Maximizing Your Marketing ROI

Understanding the five elements of the one-call close, creating and selling value, and gaining a competitive advantage in the “commoditized” lawn care and pest control marketplace.

Sales Management: Establishing a Competitive Advantage Through Sales Leadership

Learning and implementing a sales management process proven to create a supportive culture of accountability and performance—without micromanaging your sales representatives.

Featured At


National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) 


National Pest Management Association (NPMA)


Virginia Green Lawn Care


Blades of Green Lawn Care


Big Time Pest Control

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One-Call Close Mastery is our signature online course designed exclusively for lawn care & pest control sales professionals. Generate affiliate revenue for your organization when you partner with us to bring a proven sales process and industry-specific training to your members. 

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Cashin Sales is trusted by lawn care and pest control industry leaders:

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