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You’re a business owner who understands what
your lawn care and pest control customers really want


You understand that emotions are at the heart of your customers’ concerns. So when they call you, it’s about a whole lot more than a beautiful lawn or pest-free home—customers want to feel a sense of pride, confidence and peace of mind.

And you want to train your reps to make more sales by showing customers–on the first call—that when they choose your company, they’ll be in the hands of a pro who will solve their problems and make their lives easier.

That’s where we come in.

Photo of grass and lawn mower

I’m Duane Cashin, and I help lawn care and pest control companies master sales so their businesses can thrive. 

I’m your guy with decades of experience from building sales organizations at Fortune 500 companies to starting and operating small businesses. And I’ve fallen in love with lawn care and pest control. 

One of the coolest companies I started was a specialty graphics business, where I created the first banner ever displayed on the front of Radio City Music Hall. 

We printed massive Broadway theater backdrops, and I even made banners as big as 100 feet high and wide for the US Open Tennis Championship and the Gap stores.

Photo of Virginia Green Truck with Duane Cashin
Gap store banner on a building

I’m a student of sales—I’ve studied all the greats and I’ve taught students and professionals in organizations large and small.  

Long story short—I understand sales and sales management, and I love it.  

And I've seen what works in the most successful lawn care and pest control companies. 

I’ve combined that knowledge with my experience to create a highly effective sales process that helps companies like yours increase revenue, retention and market share. 

Radio City Music Hall Banner of Roy Jones Junior
This is what’s possible when you team up with us

“When we were referred to Cashin Sales our needs involved assessing our current sales staff in regard to their fit and effectiveness in their roles, defining sales best practices, developing consistency amongst the team in their approach to sales opportunities and making sure the managers were effective in leading the team.

Duane introduced high-quality sales assessment tools which gave us great insight into the strengths and weaknesses of our existing sales staff. 

The assessments also proved to be a very valuable tool in the interview process of additional staff. He and my Sales Manager then met with all of our reps to discuss their sales profiles, strengths and weaknesses and go-forward plans.

Duane started to develop sound perspective of our organizational structure, company culture, client focus and value proposition. He used this insight to help us develop sales scripts, a sales handbook and call assessment tools.

I asked him to work individually with my Sales Manager and Call Center Manager to make them more effective in their prioritization of duties, coaching style and holding their direct reports accountable.

Duane also worked with my Customer Service Team on phone skills and questions as well as with our field Service Leaders on sales best practices.

We ended up extending our six-month engagement with Cashin Sales an additional three months in order to complete the work we had added to the original scope.

Duane and I are already working on plans for the fall to re-engage his services to deliver seasonal sales training as well as to prepare our sales training curriculum for the following year.

Duane has developed credibility with Virginia Green management as well as with the individual reps and Service Leaders.

Our team has come to view him as a resource and mentor rather than a threat.

I have personally enjoyed my interaction with Duane and also liked the fact that he and I were able to have regular high-level progress calls to provide updates, perspective on specific issues and redirect our focus as appropriate.

I strongly recommend Duane Cashin, his expertise and professional approach. In addition to the things I mentioned above, Duane is just a good, honest person.”

David Hanny
Chief Operating Officer, Virginia Green Lawn Care

Hound waiting to be released
I’ve got some cool talents, but lucky for you, I haven’t booked a Netflix special yet

When I’m not busy helping my clients build their sales muscle, you can find me enjoying my family and my hobbies.


My bride, Julie, is an artist, and both of our sons are engineers. We love dogs and have always had one in our family. 

Woodworking is my favorite hobby, and I’m not too shabby at furniture making. 

Now, this pastime might surprise you, but once upon a time, I tried stand-up comedy in New York City. I thought I was pretty funny, but the fact that no one’s booked me for my own Netflix special tells me I’d better stick with sales! 

And I’m cool with that – since no one’s beating down my door for comedy gigs, I’m devoted to helping you build the best lawn care and pest control sales organization in your region. 

Carpenter at Work
Holding a Microphone
We're excited to hear from you

And we can’t wait to help you bridge the gaps in your sales organization. Schedule a call with us so we can chat about setting apart your lawn care and pest control business as an industry leader by transforming your reps into skilled sales professionals. 

Cashin Sales is trusted by lawn care and pest control industry leaders:

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