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Photo of Duane Cashin CNC

Increase Revenue, Retention and Market Share in Your Lawn Care and Pest Control Company.

You’re in the right place if you’re done with tactics that 
make your team feel like pushy salespeople instead of 
trusted lawn care and pest control professionals. 

Does any of this sound like your lawn care or
pest control business? 
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You’ve put time and money into training and marketing, but your sales aren’t high enough to justify your investment.


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You’ve tried one-off sales training events and courses, but nothing seems to stick, so your sales team just reverts to winging it—even though it’s not getting the results you want.


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You’ve thought about recruiting more people instead of continuing to invest in the team you have right now, but it’s hard to find new reps in the current market.


You’re a business owner who understands what your customers really want.

And you know how to deliver stellar lawn care and pest control services. 

You realize that at the heart of your customers’ concerns is a desire to have more than a beautiful lawn or pest-free home—they want to feel a sense of pride, confidence and peace of mind. 

They want to know they’re in the hands of a pro who will solve their problems and make their lives easier.

But the issue you’re facing is…

Your reps aren’t hitting the mark when it comes to articulating what makes your company different so customers can see you as the solution to their problems. 

And that’s keeping you from reaching your revenue goals because your one-call close ratio is too low, and you’re not capturing enough sales in other areas either, including add-ons and cancel win-backs.  

Photo of grass and lawn mower
You wish you had a sales process that helps your reps uncover the customer’s vision of what they truly want and need for their lawns or the health and safety of their homes. 

And you want your reps to show customers how your company will handle their concerns in a way that’s different from and superior to all the other companies out there.

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Think about what your company would be—and what you could accomplish as a business owner—if your reps learned repeatable processes that increased their rate of getting the one-call close. 
Virginia Green Tech training with Duane Cashin
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What will it be like to have a sales team with the confidence and professionalism they need to nail their sales calls every time?


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How will it feel to stop leaving money on the table and start increasing your cancel win-backs and closing more unsold estimates? 


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What will be possible for you when you’re getting consistent one-call closes and following a proven process for turning inbound calls into sales, over and over again?


Here's How We Can Help You:


We’ll work with you to make sure you’ve got the right people in the right roles, and we’ll train your reps to build their sales skills and give your company a distinct competitive advantage. By implementing proven processes known to move the needle in lawn care and pest control, your company will be positioned to achieve record-breaking sales.

Photo of Duane Cashin at Virginia Green Tech training


Looking for the right keynote speaker to get your lawn care and pest control salespeople revved up? We’d love to share our expertise and supercharge your team at your next trade association event, corporate conference or sales kickoff meeting.

Photo of Big Time Pest Control class


Whether you’re a small, privately-held company or a national chain, every organization needs a sales refresher. Our online lawn care and pest control sales training course is the perfect solution for new hires and teams of any size.  

Listening at the Meeting
Wet grass

“The training Duane did with our technicians was very impactful. In fact, it helped us to increase our field generated sales by 50%. Our techs responded very well to Duane’s style and approach.”

Chris Andrews
Branch Manager, Virginia Green Lawn Care

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After working with us, you’ll have a proven strategy that builds a strong sales culture within your organization. Your sales reps will have the tools they need to convert inbound calls to closed sales, and you’ll have the revenue you need to grow your company. 

When you work with us, you’ll be able to…

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Increase your one-call close ratio 


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Sell premium packages

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Reduce cancels 


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Sell more add-ons

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Close more unsold estimates


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Increase cancel win-backs

Photo of Duane Cashin CNC
Grass with dew drops
My lawn care and pest control consultative sales training process is simple and effective: 
Step 1: 

We’ll evaluate your current one-call close process and sales management accountability and support process to identify the gaps. 

Step 2: 

We’ll create a customized sales management
process where sales reps are supported and held accountable at the same time.

Step 3: 

We’ll help you implement your customized process to take the guesswork out of getting your team’s buy-in.



Step 4: 

We’ll help you optimize our work by providing ongoing training and coaching to ensure learning and change occur.


And our clients are seeing incredible results that are changing their companies:

“Duane helped us from creating a commercial sales role all the way to providing the assessment, providing feedback, and actually helping us perfect our interview techniques for the sales professional….Since we hired our first sales professional, we had a 12-month annual goal. He’s hit 100% of it within 8 months of hire. I would absolutely recommend Cashin Sales to anyone in the pest control industry who is either looking to begin or explore creating a separate sales team or looking to improve their processes overall. Cashin Sales provides the confidence that you need to be able to manage your salesforce.” 


Ashley Morrison

President, City Wide Exterminating

“We had an inconsistent sales process….Duane and his method changed our team dramatically. We were able to ask the right questions; we were able to define what our process was; we were able to really hone in on our skills. He’s driven our team to be successful—now they realize where they can be. The biggest result is obviously a higher close percentage which is important to me as the business owner. We’ve gone from a low 70s close percentage into somewhere around 75.4% close rate on leads; we’re getting a better return on our investment, and Duane’s been instrumental in helping us get there.”

Gil Grattan
Chief Executive Officer, Virginia Green Lawn Care

“Duane personally reviewed over 100 individual sales calls with our rep team and gave them specific feedback…We’ve seen great results. We’re growing at over a 20% growth percentage year over year for the last several years. Our closing percentages are high and we’re very successful….He’s helped us in other areas with our customer service team. He’s been a great resource. I would definitely recommend Duane. From day one, he gets it and knows how we make money, how we go about doing our jobs day in and day out, and how we keep customers happy.”  

David Hanny
Chief Operating Officer, Virginia Green Lawn Care

“First you start to see the closing rate go up because sales reps are asking better questions - they’re getting to what the buyer really needs. We’ve seen a dramatic reduction in cancellation rate…that adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You save more customers, you close more customers, and they buy more. Our average client is now spending 15.6% more than they used to. And that’s what you get when you hire a professional like Duane.”

Brad Leahy 
Vice President, Blades of Green 

How Our Sales Training Works: 

We’ll work directly with you and your team one-on-one, role-playing how to ask the right questions to understand customer needs, handle objections and close the sale. Through our intensive coaching and department-wide training, We’ll help you create and implement:

  • Structure

  • Process

  • Strategy

We’ll earn your team’s trust, build excitement, and motivate them to buy into a professionalized sales process, unlike anything you’ve tried before. 

And that’s how we’ll ensure that the methodology we teach your team is fully implemented and adopted throughout your sales organization so you can finally get the results you want. 

By building a team of confident sales professionals, you can leverage your lawn care or pest control sales organization to give you a distinct competitive advantage in your region. 

Pest Control tech spraying

“The 3 sessions you delivered at our annual conference were extremely well received…you received some of the highest ratings of all the educational sessions. Here are a few notable comments from attendees:

  • ‘My goal in attending these sessions is to leave with one or two actionable ideas I can put to use. I left Duane’s sessions with a bucket full.’

  • ‘It was impressive to see that Duane had a full house for all 3 of his presentations on the last day of the conference, which also happened to be a Friday.’

  • ‘Duane’s ability to deliver solid business content in a practical, highly motivational style was truly enjoyable to be part of.’


…Thanks, Duane! Excellent Job!”


Alexis Wirtz
Vice President, Conventions and Meetings, National Pest Management Association (NPMA)


Our sales training services and programs are perfect for your lawn care and pest control company if you want your sales team to be able to:

grass-bug (1).png

Identify your customers' needs and desires 


grass-bug (1).png

Sell value over price

grass-bug (1).png

Handle objections


grass-bug (1).png

Nail the one-call close


Photo of Duane Cashin and Avista Pest Control

I’m Duane Cashin, and I created our consultative sales process because I’m passionate about helping lawn care and pest control companies master sales so their businesses can thrive.

I’ve seen way too many lawn care and pest control companies struggle to grow because they weren’t consistently hitting their sales goals. 

And I saw a gap in the sales training space—a  gap between identifying the right people for the right roles, equipping them with the right tools, and showing them how to take their performance to the next level. 

Take Brad Leahy, VP of Blades of Green, for example. Brad came to us with concerns about performance gaps in his sales organization. After listening to a high volume of calls, we created a process to help his team ask the right questions and use the right messaging to qualify callers and achieve the desired outcome. 

We collaborated to create an evaluation process and playbook to make the process repeatable and hold his team members accountable for their performance. 

 “The process we created along with the playbook resulted in: Increased seller confidence; an increase in closing ratio and decrease in cancel rate; shortened new rep onboarding and ramp-up time; increased top-line revenue. Duane is highly effective in achieving results, he bonded very well with our team and he is upbeat and passionate about his work. I highly recommend Duane and his organization…”

Photo of Duane Cashin of Cashin Sales
Photo of Virginia Green Truck with Duane Cashin

“Your knowledge and insight into the Pest Control sales process is excellent. You did a great job in getting everyone in attendance involved in the session. The examples you used to show our technicians how to comfortably probe to uncover additional business with existing customers helped them understand it's not necessary for them to assume the role of a ‘pushy salesperson.’ Several of the technicians expressed a feeling of relief.

I also appreciate how you simultaneously complimented our salespeople for the effective actions they currently employ on a daily basis, while encouraging them to take their performance to the next level.

You helped our salespeople see that the jump from their current level of performance up to the next level is not only doable, but financially beneficial to them and their families.”

Mike Bullert
President, CEO, Big Time Pest Control

Big Time Pest class photo with Mike Bullert and Duane Cashin

Even if you’ve tried to train your team in the past and haven’t gotten the sales you wanted, we’ll make sure you succeed this time by working with your reps one-on-one. 

Our sales methodology and process remove the mystery from sales to give your reps the confidence and direction they need to execute the one-call close.

Pest control exterminator spraying baseboard

“Your careful study and understanding of our industry shows a level of professionalism that you do not get from other ‘cookie-cutter’ type sales programs I have experienced in the past. You truly took into consideration our specific concerns, needs, and most of all our goals in development of a customized program that met our needs… we will surely maintain…grow…and gain….more sales through your help and guidance.”

Dannis Warf, ACE
Commercial Sales Director, Royal Pest Solutions

Royal Pest Solutions.png

If you’re still on the fence, just send us an email at and let us know what’s holding you back, and we’ll let you know which one of our services is the right fit for you. 

Cashin Sales is trusted by lawn care and pest control industry leaders:

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