Master Sales. Create an 
Unstoppable Team.

If you’re ready to add first-class sales processes to your company’s superior lawn care and pest control services—stop winging it. It’s time to turn your reps into skilled sales professionals. We can show you how.

Cashin Sales is trusted by lawn care and pest control industry leaders.

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Photo of Brad Leahy Vice President of Blades of Green


“By implementing the call scripts and process you have helped us create we have increased our average closing ratio by 6% which has generated an additional 600K in annual business. The training and process development has helped to increase the confidence level of our salespeople to a significant degree.”         


Brad Leahy

Vice President, Blades of Green Lawn Care

Photo of David Hanny COO of Virginia Green Lawn Care


“I strongly recommend Duane Cashin, his expertise and professional approach. He developed credibility with our entire organization and provided many tools such as performance assessments, sales scripts, sales playbook and performance scorecards all of which have proven to be highly effective in motivating our team as well as holding them accountable for results.”


David Hanny

Chief Operating Officer, Virginia Green Lawn Care

Upskill your sales team and increase your ROI.

Lawn care and pest control sales isn’t a guessing game—it’s an art and science. And your sales reps need the right formula so they can sell with confidence and create a return on your investment in training and marketing.


Not only do your reps need to speak to your customers’ needs and desires, but they need a defined sales process too.


With a proven framework in hand, your reps can stop spending so much time pitching features and selling on price—and start showing up as skilled professionals and increasing their one-call close ratio.


And when you take what we teach—best practices, continuous learning and accountability—and weave it into your company culture, you’ll create a thriving, scalable business that stands out in the marketplace. 

How We Can Help You:


We’ll work with you to make sure you’ve got the right people in the right roles, and we’ll train your reps to build their sales skills and give your company a distinct competitive advantage. By implementing proven processes known to move the needle in lawn care and pest control, your company will be positioned to achieve record-breaking sales.

Photo of Duane Cashin at Virginia Green Tech training


Looking for the right keynote speaker to get your lawn care and pest control salespeople revved up? We’d love to share our expertise and supercharge your team at your next trade association event, corporate conference or sales kickoff meeting.

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Whether you’re a small, privately-held company or a national chain, every organization needs a sales refresher. Our online lawn care and pest control sales training course is the perfect solution for new hires and teams of any size.  

Listening at the Meeting
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I’m Duane Cashin, and I live sales.

You read that right—I live and breathe sales. I love it. It’s my passion, the thing that drives me and has driven my entire career.

I've seen what works in the most successful lawn care and pest control companies. And I’ve taken that knowledge and combined it with my experience in large corporations to create a highly effective sales process.

Customers think all lawn care and pest control companies are the same, and that’s why they’re just looking for the best price.


But I know as well as you that there’s much more to it than that.

Photo of Duane Cashin of Cashin Sales

Your team understands what customers really want, and they know how to deliver stellar services. But what’s missing is the skill to articulate what makes your company different so customers can see you as the solution to their problems—right there on the first call.

And it’s the gap between your team’s industry knowledge and sales skills that keeps them from immediately building customer confidence and closing more calls.

That’s where we come in.

We’ll bridge the gap for you. When you work with us, we’ll show your reps how to professionalize sales. They’ll go from lacking confidence to getting excited whenever they feel the rush of success from closing a call.

We’ll show them how to handle objections with a smile and sell the value of your services as the best solution to your customers’ lawn and pest concerns.

And when your reps succeed, you’ll be positioned to build a thriving company that retains valuable team members, maintains your margins and stands out in the marketplace.

Let us show you the way.

Free Sales & Sales Management Audit

Every call that comes into your lawn care or pest control business costs you $300 or more. Are your reps closing as many calls as you need to justify that spend?


Does your team need to stop being order-takers and start being actual salespeople capable of handling objections, increasing their one-call close ratio and maximizing the ROI on your marketing dollars spent?


If you want to find out what your reps are missing and how to fix it, download our free Sales & Sales Management Audit.

Photo of Cashin Sales Audit sheets
Train your team to sell with confidence.

Even if you’ve tried to train your team and haven’t gotten the sales you wanted, we’ll make sure you succeed this time by working with your reps one-on-one, role-playing how to handle objections and close the sale.


Our sales methodology and process remove the mystery from sales to give your reps the confidence and direction they need to execute the one-call close.

Photo of Duane Cashin and Avista Pest Control


“First you start to see the closing rate go up because sales reps are asking better questions - they’re getting to what the buyer really needs. We’ve seen a dramatic reduction in cancellation rate…that adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You save more customers, you close more customers, and they buy more. Our average client is now spending 15.6% more than they used to. And that’s what you get when you hire a professional like Duane.”

Brad Leahy

Vice President, Blades of Green Lawn Care

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Increased closing rates

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Reduced cancellation rates

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Increased add-on sales

Your reps know and love the industry. Now they need sales strategies that win more customers.

Think about what your company would be if your reps learned repeatable processes that increased their rate of getting the one-call close. Work with us to build your team’s sales muscle so they can gain the confidence and professionalism they need to nail their sales calls every time.

Gil Grattan

 Chief Executive Officer,

Virginia Green Lawn Care

Ashley Morrison

City Wide Exterminating

David Hanny
Chief Operating Officer,

Virginia Green Lawn Care


Customers are motivated by their feelings. More than wanting a beautiful lawn or pest-free home, they want to feel a sense of pride, confidence and peace of mind. And they want to know that they’re in the hands of a pro who’s going to solve their problems and make their lives easier.


By getting to the heart of what customers want, need and expect, your reps can finally stop selling on price and start selling the value of your services.

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Understanding customer motivations and desires

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Linking customer desires to your service offerings

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If you’ve been holding back on investing in your sales team…

You need a sales process.

Stop spending your time and money finding new reps when you can build the team you have right now. Let’s talk about how we can work with your reps to get the results you need to keep your customers happy and your business growing.