Would you like to gain deeper insight into the elements

of an effective sales process?

Are you frustrated with the lack of

consistent sales growth?

Why choose Cashin Sales to help you with your sales and sales management challenges?

We have the insight, customized training, and support that is required to predictably increase sales at higher margins. 

  • Our consultants and trainers are business owners who possess real-world experience.

  • We focus on the science and process of sales, not just the techniques.

  • We go deep into your organization and create customized solutions that are proven to move the needle on sales performance.

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Shake on It

Cashin-trained sales professionals edge out their competition by consistently and profitably closing more sales in less time.​

As a premier sales consultancy with proven analysis tools and experienced professionals, Cashin Sales will guide you implementing and executing a plan that will lead to significant increases in sales performance.

Companies spend thousands of dollars each year on sales trainers who provide nothing more than a pep talk and some short-term boosts. Cashin’s presentations are unlike any other: We present an educational system that drives real behavior and unleashes true sales potential.


Our FREE eBook will teach you how to:

•  Analyze your sales team.

​•  Put systems and KPIs in place.

•  Put together sales plan that suits your business and  your market, and implement it for REAL results.

•  Develop effective sales managers.

•  Recruit the right people.

•  And, much more!


Sales Evaluation Tools 


We use our decades of experience to bring you the most relevant content to meet your organization's needs. 

We have a portfolio of world-class, sales-specific tools that let us dig deeper than traditional methods to improve your sales culture, process and results.

Founder Duane Cashin and  other leading sales experts share tips, industry updates and their passion for sales. ​

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